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About Us: Mexico Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions
Funding México

FundingMexico.com specializes in investment, M&A and operations in Mexico.

Our team works with both investors and Mexican companies to fund and help with operations in Mexico. Our services expand further than just deal flow and funding. Services  include business development to help grow sales, strategy, M&A for Hedge Funds, VC’s and large institutions, real estate acquisition and construction, executive placement, board of directors, and advisory boards, Mexican GAAP to USA GAAP accounting practices, advisory services for large companies and access to our national team of Mexican Experts.

Our goal is to help institutional investors from all over the world invest in Mexico in private equity and public equity. We work with auditors, accountants, attorneys, analysts and evaluate companies for our own deal flow as well as specific company acquisitions or investments for exclusive customers around the world.

Please contact us to arrange for a discovery call to learn more about Mexico, to discuss your investment or acquisition criteria, or to go over the companies we’re currently representing to fund or take public in USA stock exchanges.

The company has offices all over Mexico and in San Diego, California, USA. We organize monthly trips throughout Mexico in cities like Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, and Mexico City.

Our team is versed in all aspects of business, accounting, sales, marketing, legal and government issues in Mexico as our Jr. and Sr. partners are all well-known prominent entrepreneurs, executives, investors and ex-politicians from all over the country.

Areas of Specialization:
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Mexican IPOs in the USA
  • Mexico/USA dual listings
  • Mexico Business & Economic Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Mexican Companies Deal Flow
  • Mexican GAAP to US GAAP Accounting Practices
  • Human Capital at C-Level and Board of Directors
  • Mexico Real Estate Transactions & Construction

Call us in the USA or Mexico to start with a phone conversation or face to face meeting on how to invest and do business in Mexico. Phone: (619) 537-6218

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