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Back from the Growth Capital Expo in Las Vegas
17 April 2015 - 9:48, by , in Funding, No comments

The Growth Capital Expo ended yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a great investment event filled with great investment bankers, funds, and companies presenting.  My panel on emerging markets was great. Thank you to my fellow panelists and everyone who assisted to see me speak.


It was a great three days of networking and doing business. I’m happy to announce that every company we took to the event received at least three term sheets for funding.  We had 10 guests representing several companies and several industries at the show plus all our investment partners.


As of today I’m schedule to speak at two events in June. One in San Diego and one in New York. The San Diego event will cover how to sell products in Mexico. The event in New York is another funding event to present deals to investors.  If you’re interested in attending send me an email at Jorge@JorgeOlson.com



Jorge Olson

Group Moderator

Jorge Olson
I’m a writer, thinker, family man and eternal teenager. My published books are “The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion” and “Build Your Beverage Empire” plus three business book collaborations. I’m working on 3 new books including my first fiction showing.

In business I’m a social entrepreneur with 15 years C-Level experience in public and private companies in the USA and Mexico. After all the combined experiences of my young life I now want to help others achieve their dreams. I believe in Karma, evolution through knowledge and unconditional love.

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