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How to Export to Mexico and Join the 300 Billion Dollar Club – AUDIO
18 May 2015 - 15:48, by , in Funding, No comments

How to Export to Mexico - AUDIO

This is a Preview of our CEO Tour Bootcamp on Exporting to Mexico

Do you miss the live webinar? Here is the Audio


The USA is the Number 1 Trading Partner for Mexico at 47% of all Mexican Imports

What most people don’t know is that exporting products is actually quite simple.  And while you might already know the basics of selling your product in the USA, why not expand your horizons by exporting to Mexico?  When you widen your customer base, you allow your profits to be larger and longer term.  Remember, the USA is the number one trading partner for Mexico at 47% of all Mexican imports. China is in second place to Mexico with only 17%.

Join our free teleconference to learn how you can export and sell your consumer packaged goods products to Mexico and how to do business in Mexico.

Planning to export to Mexico and join the 300 Billion Club? Let Experts Jorge Olson and Sandro Piancone answer the questions you might have to start exporting to Mexico.


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