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Why Invest in Mexico?
Mexico is the best kept secret of Wall Street institutional investors

México has been invisible to public equity investors and to private equity venture capitalists for many years, many choosing to open offices as far as China and ignoring the incredible opportunities just across the border.

Investment bankers and institutional investors have ignored the potential in Mexico for decades, but not entrepreneurs and executives. Mexico receives most of its foreign investment from entrepreneurs opening businesses in Mexico and investing in Real Estate and from large global companies investing in infrastructure, manufacturing and opening subsidiaries to serve the Mexican and Latin-American markets.

Facts About Mexico
  • Largest growing emerging market in the world
  • 1 producer of cars in the world
  • 1 producer of TVs in the world
  • Most profitable country for most global consumer goods companies
  • Most profitable subsidiaries for international banks
  • Larger Income Per Capita than China
  • Economy grows faster than Brazil
  • Excellent credit
  • Companies audit their accounting every year
  • Deloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Salles Sainz Grant Thornton and BDO are all in Mexico
What is the opportunity?
  • Mexico is the second largest trading partner with the USA, and the USA is Mexico’s number one trading company
  • Mexico has the largest and fastest growing economy in South-America and the 14th largest in the world
  • Infrastructure is already there — roads, airports, ports, telecommunications, internet, satellites, etc.
  • Modern GAAP accounting practices and software like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, GD Edwards, etc.
  • English speaking and highly educated executives and entrepreneurs, many in Fortune 500 positions
  • First degree access to the fastest growing companies in Mexico
  • Economic and political stability with a strong peso
  • Oil, gas and energy deregulation in 2015
  • Fast growing technology sector just across the border form San Diego
Why would Mexican Companies want to go public in the USA?
  • There is no access to capital for growing companies in Mexico
  • Business loans can go up to 60% in annual interest
  • No deal flow, venture capital or angel investment structures
  • USA is the ultimate business destination for Mexico
  • There is no exit strategy in Mexico for small cap and mid cap companies