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Webinar Replay: Why is Mexico The Next Big Investing Thing?
20 October 2015 - 11:22, by , in Funding, No comments

Why is Mexico The Next Big Investing Thing?

Learn Why Mexico is The Best Kept Secret on Wall Street

See the replay of this free webinar see why will shine light on how Mexico has been the secret darling of Wall Street’s institutional investors for ten years and what they’re missing out on the real opportunities Mexico has to offer.  The Mexico Investment webinar is hosted by MEXPERTS™ (experts in Mexico) headed by Sandro Piancone, founder of a multitude of companies in Mexico and author of four books on how to do business in Mexico.

Learn why so many fortune companies invest in Mexico in infrastructure and business. 

Large consumer packaged goods companies are in Mexico, TV and other manufacturing is done in Mexico, making it the number one manufacturer of flat screens in the world, and Mexico is advancing their manufacturing into medical devices, electronics, and cars.

See the replay and email if you have any questions:


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