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Why is Mexico The Next Big Investing Thing?
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Why is Mexico The Next Big Investing Thing?

Learn Why Mexico is The Best
Kept Secret on Wall Street

This free webinar will shine light on how Mexico has been the secret darling of Wall Street’s institutional investors for ten years and why what they why they’re missing out on the real opportunities Mexico has to offer. The webinar will be on Thursday October 15 at 11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST and is open to both institutional investors as well as the small independent investor.

The Mexico Investment webinar will be hosted by MEXPERTS™ (experts in Mexico) headed by Sandro Piancone, founder of a multitude of companies in Mexico and author of four books on how to do business in Mexico.

This is why so many fortune companies invest in Mexico in infrastructure and business.

Large consumer packaged goods companies are in Mexico, TV and other manufacturing is done in Mexico, making it the number one manufacturer of flat screens in the world, and Mexico is advancing their manufacturing into medical devices, electronics, and cars.

America’s Car Capital Will Soon Be … Mexico

According to a Forbes article on the September 8, 2014 issue “By 2020 Mexico should be number six behind China, the U.S., Japan, India and Germany, with an annual production of 4.7 million vehicles.” But cars, flat screens and medical devices are not the opportunity in Mexico. The opportunity is in Technology and Small Business.

The Big Opportunity in Mexico is Technology and Small Business not mining, energy or manufacturing

The best kept secret in Mexico is how small businesses are growing at 20% to 50% per year with little or no debt, no investment and no access to any type of financing. Furthermore, US companies, including franchises and other chains are opening up like wildfire all across Mexico.

Find out what every entrepreneur, institutional investor and small independent investor should know about the opportunities in Mexico from one, free webinar. Held by real entrepreneurs & Mexperts™ form the USA working in Mexico every day.

What You Will Learn On This Webinar…

  • Why is Mexico the Next Big Investment Thing
  • What Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds Ask Us About Mexico
  • How Current Institutions Invest in Mexico
  • How You Can Do Your Due Diligence in Mexico for Business & Investment
  • Who’s Already in Mexico

The Webinar is completely free and it will be hosted by Sandro Piancone.
Chief Mexpert, author of four books on how to invest in Mexico and
a Serial Mexican Entrepreneur


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